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Position/Job Descriptions

Investigations of Alleged Harassment and/or Discrimination

Position or job descriptions must be written in a fashion to comply with State and Federal laws, as well as be ADA compliant, outlining the essential functions of the job. Position descriptions should be maintained and updated to reflect the responsibilities of the employee.  It is recommended, although not required, to have a job description signed by each employee.
We save you time and money by providing you with updated employee handbooks, including your company policies, prior to the handbook being reviewed by a legal professional. The employee handbook should always include a harassment policy, an employment at will clause, an arbitration agreement as well as a confidentiality agreement, and other policies.
It is the employer's responsibility to fully investigate any allegations of harassment or discrimination on a timely basis. As a third-party, we will conduct fair and impartial investigations, working hand-in-hand with the complainant, supervisor, management, HR personnel, and if required, any employment attorney when needed.  We will provide a comprehensive final investigation report which will include, but not be limited to, background information, summaries of interviews, findings, and recommendations. 
Employees often share their feelings with a third party more readily than with their supervisor or upper management.  West Coast HR can assist you with finding out what the employees really feel about their job, the company and their supervisors.  West Coast HR will facilitate and mediate issues that can have an overall impact on your company’s bottom line.    West Coast HR will listen and mediate issues when requested, allowing your organization develop solutions to real or perceived problems.

Employee Focus Groups


West Coast HR helps you build and maintain good employee relations through a variety of services, including:
Good employee relations reduces turnover and increases productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and employee loyalty. The key is to increase communication, be it through annual performance evaluations,  employee opinion surveys, or employee focus groups. This will engage your employees, making them feel part of your company's success and making it easier to resolve conflicts and implement sound HR practices.  

Employee Handbooks