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Are your personnel files compliant?  Does it contain all required governmental forms, properly completed?  West Coast HR will review your employee personnel files to make sure they are compliant and to make it easier to manage your records efficiently and effectively. Separate sections are kept for vacation forms, sick time request forms, signed employee new hire forms with discipline and employment history logs, and more. All this information will be available right at your fingertips.
As new laws become effective, your current HR policies may conflict with newer employment laws and regulations, so regular audits are an important component of remaining compliant and protected from potential litigation. Depending on the number of employees, an HR Audit or Assessment can take anywhere from one to five days. The audit or assessment considers all HR practices, including wage and hour accuracy, payroll practices, timekeeping maintenance, random audit of your active employees' I-9 documents, proper hiring documentation and termination procedures.  We will also review your employee handbook to ensure your policies are up to date as required by law.
West Coast HR helps you remain up-to-date on continuously changing labor laws. Understanding such changes is crucial for limiting your liability with regards to laws such as the FLMA, COBRA, Wage & Hour, etc.

Employee Personnel Files

Labor Law Compliance

HR Audit & Assessment

California has been identified as the most “employee friendly” state in our nation.  HR assessments and audits ensure your management policies and organization are compliant with the continually growing and changing list of laws and regulations governing the employment relationship.  


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