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Termination Procedures

Homeland Security and the I-9 Form

Is your organization or HR staff processing terminations correctly?  Quite often, employers are not, thus exposing their company to costly claims and/or lawsuits from terminated employees.  There is an increasingly amount of claims filed with the Department of Labor against employers for failure to properly pay the required amounts due to an employee on a timely manner.  These claims can sometimes result in thousands of dollars in penalties for failure to pay proper amounts within the guidelines and laws required by Labor Code sections.  West Coast HR will properly identify those amounts and timelines required under California labor laws.

Gathering a new hire's required paperwork for the completion of the I-9 form is not the only thing that is required by law. The administration of the I-9's and the manner in which the form is completed also holds its own liability. Incomplete or incorrect forms may impose heavy fines (at times up to $1,000.00 per administrative error) on the employer if audited by Homeland Security.  West Coast HR will train your staff the proper way to complete and maintain I-9 documentation for any audit which your company is required to comply to. 

West Coast HR will provide your company with new hire documentation forms that are required by governmental agencies and those forms as a matter of good HR practices. Proper completion of forms and maintenance of personnel file is crucial to any HR department. 

West Coast HR helps you minimize your liability by ensuring that your hiring and termination practices are done correctly. Employers may face fines and potential lawsuits if their hiring and termination practices  are not fair, consistent, and within the guidelines of the State of California, Department of Labor.  Many employers are having to pay out thousands of dollars in fines and penalties due to their failure to provide timely payments to their current and former employees. ​