​W E S T   C O A S T   H R



Temporary Staffing

Let West Coast HR find your next administrative employee.  We will provide you with a variety of qualified and experienced candidates that have been pre-screened to ensure they are qualified for the administrative position your company is trying to fill.  West Coast HR saves you countless hours of sifting through resumes and conducting reference checks.  We will only send qualified candidates for the interview process.
​Is your HR Manager on an extended leave or vacation? Are you in need of a professional to cover their responsibilities? Let West Coast HR be your dedicated HR professional who can "fill in" while your full-time HR representative is unavailable.West Coast HR is always there to assist you when you have urgent staffing needs. West Coast HR can help you maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity by providing you with exceptional and highly competent work-product on an "as needed" basis.