I am so grateful I found Anna to handle the human resources responsibilities for our company.  As a small business, we don’t have a dedicated HR representative.  With all the different laws in California changing year to year, Anna provides advice on best practices and how to keep our company compliant.  She keeps us informed with the laws affecting our business, whether changes are from the federal, state or local municipalities.  Additionally, Anna handles all the disciplinary and termination process for our company making it easier and more comfortable for our upper management and business owners.  What otherwise would be an unpleasant procedure, Anna’s diplomacy in dealing with a difficult situation is impeccable.  I highly recommend Anna for your company’s HR needs. 

                                                              Carmen G., Keller Williams

“I had the pleasure of working with Anna during her tenure at Baseline. She is a creative problem-solver who puts the “human” in Human Resources. She has a unique ability to support the concerns of senior management while also thoughtfully addressing the needs of staff. As a manager, I knew I could always count on her to be frank, fair and totally supportive. She demonstrated a deep knowledgeable of employment law and benefits.  She brought a high level of organization to overhauling dated processes. And, on top of all this, Anna is a real dynamo who energized the company and boosted morale in her own, very singular way.”

Susan S., Baseline

“Anna is exceptional in nearly everything she does. She ran all our HR functions and performed general management of our 50+ person office. As an HR professional she is top notch and genuinely cares both about the company and the individual employees. She has a strong knowledge of comp/benefits and CA labor law. 

Through sheer will she forces those around her to raise their game, whether that's general management or negotiation of contracts or just enjoying life. She was a genuine pleasure to work with - I recommend her highly.”

                                                                               Amer S., Baseline

​W E S T   C O A S T   H R

It always a pleasure to have Anna as your HR representative.  As a small boutique PR company, I often find myself having to deal with turnover and along with unemployment claims.  Anna represents my company with the EDD and is always successful.  Her success keeps my unemployment insurance rates down.  It's so nice and convenient that Anna is only a phone call away to provide advice or handle HR matters for me on short notice.

Silvie B.  PR Management

Anna from West Coast HR represented me against my former employer for not paying me correctly.  I was only expecting $96 for unpaid wages.  Anna was able to procure a judgment against my former employer for $3,587.  Wow!

I now know the proper payments I am supposed to receive from my employer.  Thanks Anna!

Felicia S.