W E S T   C O A S T   H R

Professional HR Support without the HR salary and overhead!     


Your employees are your greatest asset.  West Coast HR will help develop your current staff or HR representative to their full potential. West Coast HR will provide your staff with the educational tools required so they feel more confident with the functions and responsibilities bestowed upon them.  They will be more comfortable with their responsibilities relating to human resources and payroll processing functions for your organization. West Coast HR will offer training in the following areas:  harassment training for managers, hourly employee harassment training, "Management Training 101", do’s and don’ts during an interview, interviewing skills training, conducting performance evaluation, time management, conflict resolution, hiring and termination procedures, payroll practices, counselling and discipline procedures.  Training helps you improve communication with your staff, use progressive steps to change behavior, and how to escalate from discipline to termination, if it becomes necessary and unavoidable.